Community-moderated video reviews to build trust and transparency to create more conscious consumers.

I joined Gaze as a founding member of a social commerce startup, aimed at developing more conscious consumers and bringing trust and transparency to the shopping experience.

Partnering with both the founder and the COO, I helped develop and manage the product roadmap.  I had the responsibility to lead the Design and Development teams in order to take the company from 0 to 1.


  • Concept development
  • UX design (Figma)
  • Functional prototype

My Team

  • UX Lead (1)
  • UX Designers  (2)
  • UI Developer Lead (1)
  • UI Developers (2)

Using Figma, my team crafted an overall design system for the mobile application.  The MVP experience was divided into logical features that were used to track development progress and keep files manageable.

Mobile App Prototype

In addition to the Figma files and feature documentation, prototypes allowed us to showcase the specific features that were prioritized for the current sprint.  This allowed developers and testers to focus on the core functionality and not get distracted by other elements.