The Context

Mobiquity, a UX consultancy, was brought in to join a Merk “rapid realization team” to provide thought leadership and customer obsession for a new transformation initiative sponsored by the President of Human Health.

The goal was clear: to genuinely understand customer needs and develop innovative solutions that would not only delight customers, but also reshape perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Challenge

Merck operated in a highly regulated market and had established itself as an extremely conservative organization, playing a few steps back from the gray area.  Other pharma brands were comfortable moving in uncharted waters, and Merck was often lagging in innovation compared to competitors.  Our challenge was not only designing customer solutions, but aligning and motivating stakeholders to take action.

My Role

My role was fluid and evolved alongside the project’s needs. My days were a blend of defining strategic approaches with executive leadership, unearthing customer insights through meticulous research, and harmonizing over 100 stakeholder voices into a cohesive song of alignment and innovation.


Stakeholder Interviews


Ideas Generated


Solution Adoption

Defining our creative process

Collaborating with the executive team, we tailored the traditional Design Thinking process to fit Merck’s unique environment, ensuring it remained agile and customer-centric. This adaptation was crucial in aligning design goals with Merck’s strategic imperatives.

Empathy & insights through intensive customer research

The power of our design lay not just in aesthetics but in its ability to tell a compelling story. These visual narratives were instrumental in securing executive buy-in, turning complex data into accessible, persuasive stories.

Facilitating team ideation and collaboration

Leading a team of designers and architects, my focus was on mentoring and guiding them towards a unified vision. By fostering collaboration, we ensured that our designs were not just innovative but also resonated with Merck’s broader objectives.

Aligning stakeholders to a common vision

Conducting over 100 interviews with Merck’s leadership, I gathered a wealth of insights. These were not mere conversations; they were opportunities to understand the intricate workings of a complex organization and to align them towards a common goal.